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Elf on the shelf

How could I not go here? I have a blog for crying out loud that talks about Elf on the Shelf ideas. Why not have Elf blog?! This is what my boys found Elf.

People I Want to Punch in the Throat

Day 1: This morning we woke up to find an elf in our family room. Our neighbors seem to think this is accustomed and tell us that he will be in our home until Christmas. So far he hasn’t talked much, he mainly just sits around eating all of our candy while he watches us. I asked him if he was potty accomplished and he threw a candy pikestaff at me – I achievement that means yes.

Elf on the shelf boy

Dec 15, 2014 ... SNOWDEN: 'Elf On A Shelf' Actually Hugely Successful NSA Project ... of information,” journalist Glenn Greenwald told Duffel Blog in an email.

Archie, Manhattan’s Elf on the Shelf

I have been *dying* to have our Elf on the Shelf channel Showtime's 'Dexter' and make his own "kill room" in the Barbie house complete with an aproned Elf captivation a butcher knife & a decapitated Barbie covered in ketchup. *sigh* Unfortunately, my husband seems to think that would scar the children for life. He's no fun. trocar.trainee :-)

Elf on the shelf com

By now we have all heard of the adorable little Elf on the Shelf. Almost ... There are entire blogs out there right now dedicated to naughty/fun Elf behavior. People  ...

500 EASY Elf on the Shelf Ideas

HAHAHA! we do it too- but our elf literally just moves from abode to place. i had to stop reading my friends FB posts b/c of all the "naughty" things the elf was doing that was making me feel like crap. i balloon to move him too and have to make up belief about why he's in the same place. glad to know i'm not alone. :)

Elf on the shelf facebook

Dec 12, 2018 ... Celebrating 12 Days of Dremel DIY, Learn how to make your own DIY Elf on the Shelf!

Our Real Life Elf On The Shelf

This is beautiful! Some days the Elf is naughty, some days he is not. Some days he gets bent with his hat stuck in a jar and can't get out for five days. It all works. And I love, love, love your sense of humor!

Elf on the shelf names

Santas North Pole Blog ... It's time to meet Scout Elf Joe, a famed Legends and Lore elf and a star of some of your ... Can Adults Touch The Elf on the Shelf®?

Elf on the Shelf Ideas

We have a well behave Elf. He'd never make a mess because he knows it'd be back to elf jail for him if he did. Plus, my kids know that Elfie is a little lazy and doesn't like to go out in cold weather so some nights he sleeps in the same place as the night before.

Elf on the shelf doll

Dec 1, 2018 ... Elf on shelf 7 blog Day 4: The elf has been a huge help wrapping presents this week, but I was not as grateful when I stumbled to the bathroom ...

Elf on the Shelf Ideas: He Blogs

Around the 1st of December a random Christmas elf showed up in our family room. At first I was alarmed and told the kids to stay in their rooms while I tried to figure out what was going on. I was going to call the badge but my wife told me I was over reacting. We called our neighbors and apparently some of them accept elves in their houses as well. Our neighbors seem to think this is accustomed and tell us that he will be in our home until Christmas. They additionally told us that he will watch our children during the day and wander our abode at night getting into things. They thought this was accustomed and that “it is so fun”. Im not sure how I feel about a baby stranger in red tights wandering about my home at night watching my kids.  I want to be positive about this but it makes me nervous. Ive decided to allow him to stay (I don’t think I really accept a choice) but I am keeping a abutting eye on him and accept decided to document his action while he is living here. I will continue to add days to this post until he decides to return home to the North Pole. If you accept any advice about having an elf in your home please leave it in the comments below.

Elf on the shelf costume

Dec 19, 2018 ... Whether you're looking for inspiration, or just a laugh, you'll love this awesome collection of over 500 hilarious ELF ON THE SHELF ideas!

SNOWDEN: ‘Elf On A Shelf’ Actually Hugely Successful NSA Project

Here's the thing: your kids will grow up with normal expectations of how life is and won't beat themselves up as adults when they can't hide ten elves a night in the attic, from the ceiling fan, etc. Hers absolutely will.

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